Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday is mine

Today was a complete day.
I made Sambar.
And Poriyal.

I get Strang splitting.
Fourier showed up again.
In a place I hadn't looked before.
Spectrally as always.

Only Mozart played.
Allegro. Allegro. Allegro.
Heart relaxed.
Hammock style.

Helped myself to some surreal existentialism.
No Exit means an infinitude of things.
Sartre man.
Soul stuff.
Brain bluff.

I miss my dog friend.
I miss my friend dog.
I miss Jude and other helpless things.
I miss a girl who doesn't exist.
You parsing this?
Deep shit.

I shed a tear.
For love.
When no one was looking.
So I could write about it.

Saturday is mine.


Nikhil Rajagopalan said...

No, Vyaas, No! Don't tread down the road of poetry! It's a trap!

Seeker of Truth said...

...but it's a trap that affords vistas strangely unavailable in the open...

Sana Khan said...

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