Thursday, September 29, 2011


First of.
My condolences to Nikhil on the loss of his grandfather. He was a very special person in Nikhil's life; evident in the way his eyes would light up before cherishing an anecdote or two with me on any given rooftop. Stay strong bro. Most people can only contemplate having such a healthy relationship with their grandparents.

I think I'll blog again. The reason I'd stopped isn't apparent any more. I will return to writing physics and slightly less controversial political commentary.

Nikhil has done an excellent job with the blog while I was gone. He has taken it farther than I would have ever imagined. While my writer's block was becoming more of a writer's coma, he stayed disciplined and dedicated to this writing exercise and now has a book to his name. Readers take note. Good things happen to passionate, hard working people. Do not confuse this hard work with hard work though. This perceived hard work of Nikhil's is really play to him. So by work hard, I mean play hard.

I am a PhD student now and I love what I do. I pursue science and I am at peace with myself. I get a stipend for reading and practicing physics. For me it is the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to peer into the workings of the universe and derive the thrill of discovery every day, more importantly self discovery. I'd like to preserve in writing, if not share , some of this awesomeness I pretend to understand. Since I'm practically coming back from the dead, I'd like to start small and try to pull off a weekly posting. As always, I encourage discussion and feedback. I was reading some of my past posts earlier today and couldn't help laughing at how childish I'd been. I guess we're all like that. We grow up.

I'll leave you with this pic of a young Max Plank, taken 22 years before his great revelation.

Dashing eh?

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blade said...

Good to see you back.