Monday, November 24, 2008

For she is the one

Sixteen showed me rock and roll,
A strange brew of drums and keyboards,
With sound that shook the soul,
Guitars-mightier than swords.

Seventeen sounded electric,
Reality often confused with dream,
Collections LinkinPark-centric,
Why sing when you can scream?

Eighteen brought revolution,
Punk said,"Stick it to the man",
Screw you and your f%$*ed up plan!

Nineteen exuded emotion,
Every twang had something to say,
Every riff a gut-busting explosion,
Every lick a shakesperean play.

Twenty respected acoustic,
Peaceful sounds yet provoking
Often neglected as basic,
Youtube left to the awakening.

Twenty-one has arrived,
The road ahead, bright as the Sun
I am no longer deprived,
For she,this beautiful blue guitar, is the one.

Thanks Vishoka(and my parents for the belated cash).


Sonic Mayhem said...

wow...nice guitar..!!!

Avi said...

Woo hoo..!!! Congrats Bro..!! Im comin home soon..

Vishoka said...

i should be on top of the post, also please change the pic.. lol i haven't laughed this much since buffalo testicles :)

Vyaas said...

@Sonic Thanks, I look to you for guidance..

@Avi Sure,we can start a band and write funny songs. Or we can play Satch Boogie!

@Vishoka Turn your monitor upside down. Change that pic?! Are you crazy? That's gonna be my album art! You just wait and see...speaking of which, I'm writing a song titled "Buffalo Testicles"...will you star in the music video?

runmaN said...

thats just f*ckin awesome bro! nice song

Nikhil Rajagopalan said...

change the pic da! i'm killing myself laughing at that awesome look of euphoria on your face!

Vyaas said...

@runmaN: crashing at your place for guitar lessons...

@Nick Yes...euphoria...and the agony of wait...