Sunday, May 26, 2013

Changing India (again)

If the media is good at anything at all, it's good at trying to whip up a crescendo of pseudo-patriotism. With all the corruption going on these days (seriously, as if there was a Shangri-La where no dictionary contained the word corrupt or people knew not the meaning of bribery existed) and the old farts in houses of power, shouldn't the youth of India dictate change in this country?

Shouldn't enough be enough and the youth of India rise as one collective force; a force that sends evil doers running for cover and then wrest the levers of power from those who stand to benefit from the chaos and bureaucracy?

(Insert adrenaline  pumping, Grammy award winning music).

Surely this unexplored idea of the youth of India being the change is a novel idea. (/sarcasm)

Enter the "I Lead India Youth Brigade" campaign by Maruti Suzuki and Times of India, where the latter doesn't waste any time getting it of its chest that it's a 175 years old. Yeah yeah. Tell me more about this campaign of yours. Ah, I see... 5 people from each city do acts of good after being shortlisted from over 3000 odd people after psychometric analysis, interviews and such? The reward? You get a nice certificate of participation and obviously media coverage. Something nice to put on your CV. Congratulations, you have changed India as we know it.

Not to be cynical, but changing the country starts from ground up. Our parents need to instill in us good values. Our teachers must be beacons of knowledge and inspiration. Our neighbourhoods need to be strong-knit communities and each of us must have a sense of pride in every action we do. Change must come from legislation, from understanding new ideas,from co-operation and from breaking away from orthodoxy. It comes when people learn to shun avarice and lead lives dedicated to their families, their co-workers and their countrymen. It comes from educating the poor and empowering women and taking bold steps in technology and infrastructures. It comes from a ruthless and impartial iron fist of the justice department that treats everyone as the same. It comes from everyone doing any little bit that they can to help. Where change doesn't come from is a highly publicized event whose campaign ad depicts the youth of India dumping furniture in the middle of fucking nowhere and setting said pile of CGI generated furniture on fire. 

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