Saturday, December 8, 2012

One last lime mint cooler

The Fruit Shop at Kilpauk is gone. What remains is covered with blue tarpaulin. An obese "security guard" sitting in a Nilkamal chair tells me that I can still find its branches in Anna Nagar and on Greams Road.

An entire generation of Bhavans will mourn the loss of the 10 rupee lime mint cooler, the cool atmosphere, the pictures of the Great Barrier Reef and the unidentifiable music softly played over the speakers.

A silent toast to the legacy of the Fruit Shop at Kilpauk: one last lime mint cooler for the road! 

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Vyaas said...

A toast to the pacts forged and the sanctuary provided in that rather poorly air-conditioned joint: Lemon or lime, thanks for the pass-time!