Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four more years

It's amazing how quickly time flies. I wrote my first blog post here back in November 2008. It was uncertain times then; I was at the fag end of my undergraduate degree and going through the system of getting recommendation letters from my referees. Since providing online recommendations was unheard of back then and even scandalous to suggest, we had to write lengthy letters to the administration to get those precious sheets of A4 that bore the letterhead of the University. Then the torturous process of arranging a meeting to trap them in their office and getting their John Hancocks on the letter and on each envelope across the flaps. Graduate school didn't seem worth it at the time with all this hullabaloo. But you didn't want to be the only guy from your batch that isn't in New York City with an "I <3 NYC" cap right? You would miss the chance of updating your Facebook profile with: "Nikhil Rajagopalan has changed his location to New York" and also the likes that go with it. Herp Derpinson, Derpitty Doo and 7 others like this. Oh and let's not forget the congratulatory replies. Scene machi! Ennaku oru cap vaaintu va! Enna da? Romba scene poddra.... Po, oru figure poi pudi.. Dei naaye, eppo da??! However it seemed that the US didn't want me to come to Chicago or to New York and put scene. Instead, I received a call from Lady Britannia and I took her kind offer to study at Leeds. It was a wonderful experience and even now, every time I listen to Laura Marling, it takes me back to the drizzle, the warm summers, the brick houses and the University library where I would sit in the Quiet Study section surrounded by books all around. I kept blogging through the years and looking through the archives, I see that my style has changed considerably. I've matured and I think so has my writing. I started out with funny, sarcastic pieces that poked at the mess that is our educational system; I then wrote pieces on current issues; moved onto writing flash fiction; dabbled in science every so often and launched into book reviews and very short essays over the last few months. Then of course, we had our rants. What started out as a fun prospect turned into a serious commitment to writing and staying true to our promise to keep writing. I had my rough patches; times when not an idea would be found in my head and I would sneak off quietly on hiatus. But the end goal wasn't tons of readership (we had a little discordance on that a little while back), but using the blog as a mirror to see who we are and to share with anybody who would care to read it, our passions, our peeves and our lives. Everyday is a good day to write, to read and to share with the world. I started blogging in 2008, when Barack Obama became the first Black President of the United States. It was a time of great change and great strife, of uncertainty and a loss of direction. It's been an eventful 4 years. There still are uncertainties, unanswered questions and fears for the future, but I've grown enough to take the bull by the horns and see where life leads me. I hope you guys too will stick around and read about our experiences.

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