Friday, June 8, 2012

Scrobble Youtube to via Firefox

You need:
Firefox (I have 13 installed on my Linux Mint box)
GreaseMonkey: This add-on for Firefox can be found from the Add-on centre in Firefox. Install Greasemonkey and restart Firefox. Account: If you don't have an account, create one and keep your log in details ready.
GreaseMonkey script: Found here. Install and restart Firefox. Go to a song video on Youtube. If the script installed correctly you should see a scrobble button near the Youtube video search bar. Click the Scrobble button in Firefox and enter your login details. Then confirm the song name and artist name, else type in the correct details. Then click Scrobble. A confirmation will display how long it will take to scrobble or if it has already scrobbled. Open up a new tab and login to your page and check if the song has scrobbled.

This is a great way of adding music to your library when you don't possess the track that you wish to scrobble via a music player. This tutorial does not work with Opera even with a workaround of storing the javascript file in the Opera filesystem folder and then pointing Opera to the folder. 

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