Friday, June 15, 2012

Printing Japanese in Chromium under Linux

I thought it would be useful if I were to print a few pages in Japanese to a .pdf file for later perusal. The website Furiganizer adds furigana to difficult kanji and so makes reading Japanese practice go a lot easier. But whenever I tried printing the resultant page to pdf, I ended up getting a pdf output full of boxes. I tried searching the internet for an answer but found nothing useful. I also tried reading the Ghostscript manual but it way too dense.
Then in a fit of madness from the blue, I tried printing the same page in Chromium browser instead of the Opera browser and oh surprises, it worked! The page came out wonderfully with the font intact and all. This is surprising as I'm wondering how the change in browser can bring about this effect. Perhaps someone with some good knowledge of the OS could care to shed light on the situation?

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