Friday, June 8, 2012

Google search results show up in Hindi? Fix it now.

Today I observed that typing a search query into the address bar in Firefox gave me results with page options (like next results, Settings etc.) in Hindi. I wonder if Google assumes that many Indians speak Hindi. In any event, I don't understand a word of Hindi and I struggled to get my results back in English. Here are two easy fixes if you want your address bar and Google search engines to turn up result pages in English. To fix the Address Bar search: Open a new tab in Firefox and type in about:config and click the "I'll be careful, I promise" button. In the string search bar, type in "keyword.URL" and press enter. Edit the string to something like

If you go with, it just might redirect you to the page and the results may be in a regional language. Try it with,see if you still get English page results and let me know in the comments. Click OK and then close the tab and try a new search from the address bar. To fix the Google Search engine in the field next to the address bar (where you get a list of search engines like Youtube, Ask, Wikipedia and such), go here and get this add-on.
Restart the Firefox browser and we're done!

Disclaimer: Don't start with the whole Hindi is/isn't the "national" language argument/debate. I can't understand Hindi, I need my results in English and I'm wondering why Google never asked my permission before displaying search results in another language. This article is just to help like-minded people who need help and are wondering the same.


Ulhas said...

Thanks for the tip. I was infuriated by the search results coming in Hindi. As you have said, I don't know why we people from South India are forced by Google to see their Hindi Page.

Anonymous said...

Could you please let me know how I can change the search results in Chrome to display the results in English?

I tried changing the URL in manage my search option in Chrome settings and its not allowing me to do so.

Nikhil Rajagopalan said...

@Anonymous:There's a tutorial with screencaps at the link below for dealing with Chrome:

Anonymous said...

[quote]I'm wondering why Google never asked my permission before displaying search results in another language.[/quote]

While i understand the issue. You expecting google to ask for your permission is rather funny. Are you paying for using google search, that you expect them for people's permissions.

Maybe a more appropriate word would have been "Notify".

Anonymous said...

just change ur location to an english speaking country's...!!!

Vivek Gavane said...

search some text
After the results are shown, there is a gear icon at the right, click the icon, search setting option will be displayed. In this search setting set the language to english.

-Vivek Gavane

Lobsang D Tamang said...

hello, thanks for that help. I am facing the same problem. I tried to do the procedure you have mentioned. But after going to the about:config I typed "keyword.URL", but I didn't find any option on that. There was no any string like that in there. Can you tell me what should I do to solve that?