Monday, May 7, 2012

All eyes on France

The Republic has spoken and has elected its President. This is indeed a great piece of breaking news. France is Europe's second largest economy and Hollande's election promises 5 years of equality, justice, support for the youth and the upholding of the ideals of the French proletariat. BBC and CNN had the live address covered but what of our Indian media? I flipped through all the channels at my disposal and not ONE of them even mentioned the election in the news ticker. Not even a BREAKING NEWS! mention. Really? And they have non-stop coverage on the IPL, Shah Rukh Khan, comparing Aamir Khan to Oprah, the woes of Prathiba Patil and a screaming match about Siachen Valley. Indian news channels, you disappoint me.

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Surabhi Sharma said...

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