Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mind your grammar

Communication is indispensable in these modern times; so much so that individuals retreating from social networks have physical symptoms akin to narcotic withdrawal. So in today's limited 140 characters, how can the youth of modern day India communicate? Limited, of course.
SMS lingo has infuriated me since my high school days. Of course, I understand that we cannot type out full words because of the imposed character limit, but that is no excuse to throw grammar and spelling out the window. Furthermore, Twitter also contributes to this atrocity. Here are just a couple of examples that people can avoid. It's fine to make these mistakes on the  Internet where you are anonymous and no grammar school teacher is going to hold you to it. But this eventually seeps into your daily existence and sometimes onto websites like LinkedIn, where upon posting "Plz frwrd me the info i am interested", will certainly attract attention to your (lack of) skills.

On to the offenders!

Its versus it's: The dog wags its tongue because it's a hot summer day.

There is no "What's your good name?" Translating it directly from Hindi does not make it right.

Plz, u, frwd, gr8 for please, you, forward and great respectively.

I is in capitals always!

Avoid abbreviations whenever possible. Information, not info and so forth.

And finally, the greatest offense of them all. Abbreviating a word isn't enough, it's morphed into something completely different and furthermore it makes the user sound juvenile.

Example? Congratulations---->Congrats----->Congo---->       Congos
                   Perfect                    OK                 WTF?         Seriously WTF?!!1

It's interesting to see how a term for congratulating someone has effectively been turned into a plural form of an African country (groan).

And the worst offender of them all; it makes me hopping mad when someone says it.
Laptop------> Lappy

Used in a sentence: My laptop broke down today.
And....                   My lappy broke down today LOLZ!!1

Time to pay attention to your grammar before it's too late!

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