Sunday, November 6, 2011


Tell me- what would you do with 5000 rupees? Would you invest it wisely or piss it away?

Would you hide it from your husband who wreaks of alcohol and abuses you in a drunk stupor while your eldest son watches impotently? The bruises tell a story of what happens when he finds your secret stash; the money you saved up from the government aid that was given for when your youngest was cruelly taken away by a careless truck driver. A case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or rather at the right place at the wrong time. In death he has given his mother a new leash on life as far as finances goes, but his father simply drinks away the money that his scion's fatal encounter with the eternal Footman brings.

 Tears flow unabated down the slightly puffy side of the maid's face. The swelling is prominent. Sort of like watching a bleeding, weeping aubergine. I wince at the thought. Here, standing before me, is a woman beaten and broken. Figuratively and literally. She is uneducated. Addition and subtraction are the best she can do. She is illiterate and cannot read or write much. It is a life that most of us would cringe at imagining, when we take reading and writing for granted. The System has left her far behind, while it boats of its "best and brightest" in its hallowed halls of learning. The System boasts the numbers of the Democracy, but its voice is still muffled.

Tomorrow,I will pay for her passport-size picture to be taken. I will help her fill out the forms and open a bank account for her. I will aid her in safe guarding her hard earned money. I will teach her how to sign her name if needed. I will help her to take her life back into her hands and give her some semblance of control.

I will empower her.

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Seeker of Truth said...

Here is a ready means to empower.

//There is at least one secular non-governmental alternative I can think of. Visit Rang De ( The self-image of recipients will not be dented as the small loans they get eventually make them independent. Also, the donors can't waive the interest from their beneficiaries, and so their relationship is like that between a venture capitalist and entrepreneur and not like that between an alms-giver and a beggar.//

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