Sunday, July 3, 2011

The grammatical adventures of Chetan Bhagat

I honestly don’t know who is to blame for the errors that appear in a newspaper. While the opinions (brilliant or ridiculous) belong exclusively to the author of the piece, doesn’t the responsibility of spell-checking and final proofing lie jointly with the author and the newspaper editorial team publishing the piece?

So unless the question above can be addressed, I cannot levy fault against the author or the editor in charge.

But the problem has to be addressed anyway. In the past, an article authored by Chetan Bhagat about Baba Ramdev titled “The Baba who blew it” was published in “Times of India” dated 18.06.2011.

The article contained two instances of grammatical error where the letter I should be in capitals. Screenshot from the newspaper article online below:

The letter I

And today, another Op-Ed article comes out in TOI and AGAIN, the same mistake is repeated.

The letter I-2

The letter I-3

Sure, all of us are allowed mistakes, but (repeated) mistakes like these are absolutely inexcusable when the author is a writer of “such great magnitude” and the publishing newspaper is a respected one that should invest time in proofing all articles before publication.

And this is the same chap who wrote an article on how to master English in a paper that can't spot simple errors? Laughable.


prateekmathur said...

Leave the poor guy alone man..! :)
But ya I agree it is shameful for TOI...not the author's fault though because u never know may be his piece was edited and re-typed by someone in TOI...
So you may not hold this one against him..! :)

ahalya said...

it amazes me about how we can go to any lengths to protect someone who is so obviously not qualified to give an advice on writing just coz he apparently writes for the masses!!! high time we bucked up and backed up authors who can actually write!!