Saturday, June 18, 2011

Twitter without tweeting

The terms like Tweeting, Retweeting, that # tagging business, following, followers and so forth merit a Twitter dictionary. Most Twitter accounts are just filled with inane status updates, real time conversations with other Twitter users from which the context is never easily understood at first glance and more hash tags and @’s than actual content. I am one of those rare individuals who wish not to speak, but to listen and read. In other words, I want to follow certain individuals on Twitter, without wishing to tweet myself.  I have reservations against getting a Twitter account.  So I found an easy way to follow someone on Twitter without having to get an account yourself by means of a feedreader like FeedDemon.

Visit and type in the name of the person you wish to follow. I wish to follow the tweets of brilliant Associate Professor PZ Myers who is an evolutionary-developmental biologist (“evo-devo”) at the University of Minnesota Morris.


Then I verify if it is indeed him from the roster of users with the same or similar user names on the right hand side. After doing so, I copy the URL address.


Then I start up FeedDemon and hit the “Subscribe” button and I paste the URL address, but modify it to and I preview to make sure it works. Then I hit ‘Next’, give it a custom title or simply leave the default title and I hit OK.


As you can see, I can now follow his tweets because I have successfully followed him via RSS.

This way you can use Twitter without having to get an account yourself.

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