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And Liv Tyler!

the ledge

“The Ledge” looks like a thought provoking film and after seeing the trailer, I’m not going to rest till I get my hands on the DVD whenever it goes on sale here.

Via an exclusive interview with Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist

“We have been making our intellectual case since before Jesus was born. If we want to succeed, we must also appeal to sentiment, to compassion, to emotion. Film is a great medium for this, perhaps the best. The Ledge can be the first of several feature films to question faith in this way — or it can be the last for a long while. When Passion of the Christ was supported by Christians and did well, other faith based movies followed. If The Ledge succeeds, the same principle will apply and a door will open.” - Matthew Chapman, writer and director of The Ledge.

Watch the trailer below courtesy Youtube.

The Ledge-Official Movie Trailer.


Learn more about the movie here.

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