Monday, June 13, 2011

Stop Receiving Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes Letters

Consider this a goddamn public service to every Indian citizen who is at the mercy of never ending letters from RD India pushing their sweepstakes on you. Month after month a diarrhea-yellow envelope stuffed with letters of sickly admiration and praise, stickers and two envelopes marked YES and NO find their way to your mail box. On opening them, you first find a letter that goes something like this:
Dear Mr. John Doe,
Imagine winning a million rupees. Imagine a limousine driving up to your house and a chauffeur escorting you to <name of building>. Imagine a world where you’re wealthy beyond your wildest dreams- where you drive a fancy car, take care of that pesky loan and retire in happiness that rivals the beer-guzzling Vikings of Valhalla. After your luxury limousine ride, we hand you a huge plastic cheque for one million rupees. Why? Because you, Mr.John Doe are our valued customer and we love and adore you and thank you for your custom. Also if you peel off two stickers and stick them on another sheet and mail it back to us right freaking now, you can win the early bird prize of 500,000 rupees! Wow! Are you amazed and lured in yet? OK, now while you are amazed with the idea of winning a MILLION rupees, why not consider a special CD collection of screaming seagulls at the beach? This audio collection is absolutely useless, pointless and cannot be gifted to another human being without coming off as a jerk. What are you waiting for? Say yes now!
  And to make the whole thing worse, these envelopes have statements like “ Award Opportunities enclosed”, “Approved-time sensitive documents”, “Important and Urgent” and “Open immediately for your chance to win huge prizes!” and the insides have sheets that look like cheques (No kidding, I swear). Of course, the youngsters aren’t fooled by the urgency of this, but it sent my grandparents into a frenzy. And not that it matters if you fail to send the crap back one week- the mail comes in the next time just the same. I swear my grandmother figuratively had a fit when she found she missed a mail. When it came the next week, saying that “you’re one step away” from winning, even then she didn’t get it. Poor old woman. And my grandfather in the initial stages, thought incorrectly I add, that buying crap from RD made your chances of winning the sweepstakes even higher. See this video of a Canadian agency busting RD for misleading people, intentionally or otherwise.
Who doesn't want to win $500,000? That's why so many Canadians are playing the Reader's Digest sweepstakes. But now some of those people feel confused by the sweepstakes' marketing.

So even if RD gives away a ton of easy just for the sole merit of being a customer, the torture of the spam just isn’t worth it. One might consider simply purchasing a lottery ticket and tearing it up and being on one’s way when the numbers don’t match. But this type of marketing is aggressive and misleading and has got to stop. If you had had enough and you want out here’s how.

1. Email both and in the same email and write them politely that you want to request a CEASE AND DESIST to all Sweepstakes related mail.
2. Enter your full mailing address as noted on the sweepstakes mail and also include A/C number (absolutely mandatory), H/C and P/K number. If no reply is received call Customer care at this phone number (022) 67122622.
3. If all goes well, you will be struck off the list but because of sinister designs, you will still receive mail for up to 3 months! But after that you’re free! Yay!

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