Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ask.com Toolbar is a piece of crap…ware

Now-a-days, most Windows based installers come bundled with crapware-software like trial antivirus programs, cleaning programs that promise to make your computer squeaky clean and “registry boosters”, that swear to make your system free from redundant registry entries. But despite the sneaky attempt at making the lay user, who in his addled or lazy state of mind clicks through ‘Next’ till installation is complete, the crapware gives you a right to opt-out from the installation. Some crapware don’t take no for an answer.

The Foxit reader is a brilliant, light-weight option to the heavy Adobe Reader. But when you download it from a reliable source like Filehippo, it comes with the bundled Ask.com toolbar which cannot be opted out from. You CANNOT proceed with the installation without  agreeing to install the toolbar.Democracy goes out the window.  The only way to avoid this pitfall is to download the installer for Foxit version 5 off the Softpedia servers.

Ask search is an old dinosaur from the past, when Google was a proper noun and not a verb. Now Google reigns supreme, with Yahoo! and Bing as mere jokes. Ask should have died unknownst to the general public. Now it pissess the hell out of us by being stuck in every installer.

I hate the fucking Ask Toolbar from the bottom of my heart and I wish nothing more than to see it disappear into the shadows of the internet never to bother another human being.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear. Thou art a wise person.

Anonymous said...

And I doubly hate Sun, Avira, and every over software "vendor" that tries to slip me this insipid effing garbage every time I install or need a fecking update. I have more respect for the steaming dog pile I stepped in on the lawn today. Actually, they're essentially synonymous with each other. And they all need to be buried as such - so that we can avoid their foul, putrified, fecal stench.

And, yes, I was holding back when I made this comment.

Thou art a wise person, indeed, sir...