Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have scheduled my Facebook account for permanent deletion on May 29, 2011.
I can be contacted on Gmail, Skype, LinkedIn or land-line.

Living without Social Media- its implications.

Edit: Reasons why I deleted my account:

I waste too much time on it, although I can IM my friends on Facebook, I've never spoken to them while I was on Facebook, so the idea that Facebook helped me connect to my friends better than phone, Skype or e-mail was disproved. Half the time being bombarded with links, pictures ,apps, political opinions and religious beliefs and other information from over 150 friends got quite overwhelming and sometimes made me feel like a voyeur; peeping into their lives a little more than what they or I might have found comfortable. Some people become distant from you on Facebook and at some point even wishing them on their birthday becomes a thing of utter awkwardness. If either of us spoke, IM'ed each other for a WHOLE year, what were we doing on each others friends lists? And finally the Facebook privacy policy is full of holes and much like the Southpark Humancentipad episode, reading the terms and conditions shows us that we don't know how our data is stored and protected online..Moreover if you use apps, we don't know how the apps themselves protect our data from other 3rd party software. And even when you delete (not deactivate) your account, we don't know how long or in how many back up servers our information could remain. So I decided to count my loses and get out.

As far as getting off Facebook is concerned, most people feel information withdrawal symptoms and the feeling of losing connectivity with friends and family. Some people, I read, actually get nervous tremors just thinking about life without Facebook. While it was a good thing, addiction is now proving to be a major issue and because most people are on Facebook, people who leave voluntarily may be ridiculed and labeled pretentious. So a variety of factors keep people on Facebook. I made out the pros and cons of my decision. The fact that Facebook staff make the option to delete the account difficult to find, they take 14 days to delete the account; giving you time to repent,snap and crawl back and that they guilt you into staying (Friend A will miss you...Friend B will miss you :'-{ ) made it all the more easy to make my decision.

How to delete your account. Visit the website below for clear instructions. Once you DELETE, you start at square one if you ever sign up for Facebook again with another email id. Be warned.



Love said...

great thing... wat exactly u think is the reason for this, if u dont mind telling me and wat implications?... although i am thinking abt it too... i haven't really got a way to do it... let me know the procedure:)


Nikhil Rajagopalan said...

I've made an edit in the post and answered your questions as best as I could. Have a good day.