Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bye-bye Sparky

Sleepy Eyed by skycaptaintwo. Used under CC BY 2.0

Jim has on that repulsive plaid shirt and the suspenders that barely keeps his pants on. He calls out to me and suggests we go for a walk. A suggestion in name only. I have no right to refuse. He gets the collar out and I reluctantly let him latch it around my neck. He gets the shotgun and loads it with buckshot. We're going duck hunting, though I honestly don't have the strength in me to fetch the kill. I'm old enough in dog years. How old, you ask? I don't know. My memory isn't what it used to be. But I'm ancient even by human standards. It was indeed a long time when I used to fetch the paper, chase the ravens that perched by the window sill and sleep at the foot of Jim's bed.

We reached the deep of the woods. The pines around us stood solemnly; towering giants that cast ominous shadows on the ground. The sun was setting in the sky and daylight was fading quickly. I squinted to adjust my old eyes to the light. Why the hell would Jim drag me all the way here to hunt ducks after sunset? It didn't make sense. Behind me Jim was loading the shotgun with buckshot. The sound sent a strange chill up my spine. And finally the truth penetrated the fog in my head and I knew what was going to happen next.

"Behind me Jim was lading the shotgun with buckshot. The sound sent a strange chill up my spine."

I started to run; it was no use, my old legs wouldn't save me from the buckshot a mere fix feet away, but I had to try.
“Bye bye Sparky. You were a good boy”, I heard Jim say and after a pregnant pause, a single shot was fired and I hit the ground and the pain made me feel more alive than ever even though it was killing me. I could feel the warmth of the blood around and the smell of it made me sick. I tried to crawl away but Jim was right behind me to get one last shot in to seal the deal.
And right after the bastard shoots me twice, he drops the gun and starts sniveling like a child.

I never did understand Jim and I don't think I ever will.

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