Monday, February 14, 2011

Stood up

Exit (2)
Exit (2) by tacker by CC BY-ND 2.0
Tall man in a suit holding a placard stands impatiently at the arrival area of the Chennai domestic terminal. He waits for his son, from whom he estranged himself in what seems like aeons ago. He doesn’t even have a photo of his son all grown up. A communiqué from out of the blue via email informs the father that he is forgiven and that he will have the privilege of meeting his only son. He double checks the date, the airline carrier and the time of arrival.

The young man standing next to him at the terminal is waiting for his wife and the young lady on his other side for her brother. At last the passengers are seen emerging from the gate. Father scans the sea of happy faces for a young man who will identify him by the suit he’s wearing and the placard he’s holding. A young female passenger beams her widest smile and hugs the young man standing next to our father in agony. The young man wishes him a good evening and heads on his way to pick up his wife. The airline crew finally makes its way out. End of the line. His son isn’t coming. The father is in shock, but comes to accept that he deserved to be stood up this way.
The wife looks up at her husband who is observing the events from afar and asks him who the sad man in the suit holding the placard is.
Nobody important comes the reply.


prateekmathur said...

well this was the best short story ever...frankly I am speechless..!!

abhishek acharya said...

bloody well written dude nikhil coldplay !!..keep up the good work

ahalya said...

*bows* chilling to say the very least!