Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper Flags

He would have liked to believe that this day would be special; almost sacred to the millions of his fellow brothers and sisters across the great nation and abroad. The 26th day of January; a historic day when the people enforced the Constitution of India and like a toddler taking its first baby-steps, the Government, on this day threw off the last vestiges of British supremacy. He would have liked to believe that the parade at the capital; held in such pomp and glory, with the President of the Republic addressing a country a billion and growing, would evoke patriotic fervor in every heart.
He would have liked to believe that every child in school would salute the flag and recite the national anthem and profess their love to the soil that nourished them. Yes, he would have been the happiest man alive to believe that.
But then again what is patriotism but a passing fancy, a paper flag worn proudly one day callously discarded the day after?


prateekmathur said...

patriotism is not in wearing the is just a representation and we can have only 1-2 days in an year to represent our love for our country. discarding that flag the next day doesn't lessen our love, it just ends the day we decided to celebrate it!

ahalya said...

by law simply discarding a flag to be stamped upon by other people is a punishable offense! and Nikhil patriotism is supporting India like a fanatic in cricket....republic day and flags have nothing to do with it !! dint u know that by now??? :P