Monday, September 13, 2010

On a Life Well Lived.




Everyone is unique; like the snowflakes that fall on a cold December night. We all evaluate individual experiences differently; prioritizing some over others. But at the very end, if we need a yard stick to measure how we lived our lives what would that be?  What would be the things that you would like to do that you would believe made your life worth living?



  • To have paid righteous tribute to the gods of classic music. Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Hendrix, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Zeppelin and Knopfler.
  • To have read some of the works of Shakespeare, Orwell, Dostoyevsky, Richard Jefferies and Christian Anderson.
  • To have had had an insightful debate with a religious individual and  to have seen the same world, people and ideologies through his eyes.
  • To have travelled a single country extensively. To lose yourself in the beauty of the countryside, in the sounds of a gentle wave breaking on the shore or in the lilting melody of a folk singer is most divine.
  • To have contributed to the development of humankind in some way, no matter how small. May it be a doctorate in astrophysics or helping that old man who is down on his luck by buying him lunch- ranks the same in my books.
  • To have our thoughts voiced freely without fear of persecution or repercussion. Sometimes our opinions might be brash or obtrusive,but there may be a pearl of wisdom hidden away in harsh words that goes unnoticed.
  • To have had a few friends who could bail you out, buy you a beer or take your shit….even if you could count them on your fingertips. More does not necessarily mean better.
  • To have been absolutely convinced that you are here in the moment and that this life counts.
  • To have never taken anything at face value and to have intelligibly critiqued all that we saw, heard and read.
  • To have friends who will remember, celebrate and cherish our greatest moments long after we’re gone.

This is my yard stick. This is a life well lived.


priyanka chhaparia said...

ohh crapp..m far behind..!!

ahalya said...

u have to add a point on eating good food and enjoying all meals!!! esp chocolates.....divine!!!!!!!