Sunday, March 28, 2010

A love so simple

The world looks so much better these days.
Yes, we're still in recession, our national coffers are emptying out quickly and the grand republic seems fumbling more than usual. Yet, this carefree youth is seeing the pessimistic world around him through rose tinted glasses. Love tinted glasses. Spring is in the air and in times like these, a young man's attention turns to matters of love. Oh yes, he is afraid of the outcome, the scene has played over and over again like an antiquated tape in a VCR. He approaches the woman who has stolen his attention, his fancy and more importantly his heart. As he gathers the will to spill his deep secret, another man approaches and she pecks him gently on his cheek. He is the perfect anti-thesis to our young man in love. Muscular and severely lacking in the intelligence department. Yet his repertoire of random jokes and the rippling muscles hidden away under that Polo shirt and elsewhere is enough to compensate for the above mentioned lacking. The VCR stops and spits out the tape.
This time there is no muscular antithesis. No pitfalls.
We observe the muted conversation from a distance, and although we can't hear the words, we can see the signs. She's looping her finger in her long locks and stealing glances at our young Valentine. He's buried his hands in his pockets and his face looks flushed. We know the outcome of this encounter, but we may as well hang around to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.
No words. He just jumps and clicks his heels together before thumping us loudly on the back. Getting drunk tonight won't cost me a thing. I'm so happy for him.

What follows next is almost textbook classical for the lovesick. Maybe I can write a book on it. There are always fools in love and when there are fools, there's money to be made. Our friend seems to be showing all the symptoms. He 's distracted and while the lecturer drones on about the oncogenes , his fingers are flying all the keypad of his inexpensive Nokia 1100. No prizes for whom he's texting. A few seconds later the phone vibrates. Brrrrr.Brrrr. One new message. He reads it and he smiles so broadly, I was in genuine concern that his face might just crack. The love parade continues in all its glory. Balmy afternoons at the Marina beach. Sneaking a kiss in the enveloping darkness at the cinema. Holding hands always. Nightly chats on the phone that end on the promise that they'll see each other the next morning.

Graduation marks an important day for these love birds. They briefly separate to work to earn funds that will build their nest one day. They still keep in touch and meet up every month at a busy restaurant and over a shake with two straws, they reaffirm their love for each other. Three years later, the young lady is introduced to her prospective in-laws. They never could say no to their son with the sad,longing puppy dog eyes. They give them their blessings. The in-laws meet up and arrange a date that is determined by a pseudo-science;they dare not tempt the fates. Neptune is in the third house and the Sun seems to be in the central house with the moon in occlusion. A perfect sign says the aged saastri, grinning with his paan rotted teeth. The wedding day is marked by the scared vows that the lovers take and their pact is sealed as the yellow golden thaali is tied around her neck. A thundering crescendo ensues and rice grains are showered upon the bride and groom. She sheds tears,not of sorrow; but happiness.

A simple love story isn't it? Of course, it's never this simple in life. Life is always filled with hardships and nothing ever happens the way it should. Here's a more realistic depiction.

He approaches the love of his life with a rose behind his back and the words he will be saying memorized. No chances. No failure. He is within earshot and is about to make his move.
Muscular antithesis appears and she pecks him on his cheek and locks her arms around his.
Game Over.

* This post inspired by and dedicated to Prateek Mathur.

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prateekmathur said...

hey..thanks for giving me a mention at the end of the post....and btw it is not a good idea for us to write on the same topic coz after reading ur post I feel how much better my post could have been...:)...
anyway...ur story has a global appeal to it...mine is India specific...what happens in India can happen only in India...but in any case Love isn't simple...why am i thinking about marriages? coz we have crossed that age of being just time pass we are ina age where every relationship should have a meaningful conclusion...but with the society being so paranoid about love marriages, it seems impossible...!