Friday, November 27, 2009


Beautiful. The grass at his feet, the gentle wind caressing his face and the sunshine that bathed his soul in all its glorious radiance.Just beautiful.He looked around and saw this grassy landscape stretch as far as the eye could behold. A lone birch tree stood a few yards from where he stood, a standing testament to time eternal. No birds or squirrels were found on its outstretched branches. Just a lone birch tree in the middle of nowhere. Just like he was. He walked to the tree and sat at its base and closed his eyes. Allowed the wind to tussle his hair while his heart and mind wandered. Involuntarily he reached into his shirt pocket and extracted a cigarette and lit up. Took a deep drag and blow out slowly and contentedly. Soaked in the peace and tranquility and pictured the movement of pure white clouds drifting lazily across the azure sky.

He had no idea what he was doing here. Right across the Tree was a Door. An old oak door with a number of cryptic engravings on it. He had tried opening the door to no avail. He raged,he fumed, he cursed and threw himself at the Door. But it would not open. He knew not what was on the other side, but it was his tendency to believe that what lay on the other side was of importance;of value. Time seemed to have no hold here in this land of eternal sunshine. He squinted at the bright sunlight, he felt alienated by the lone tree standing so ominously at the center of this grassy universe. He wanted out. He wanted the Door to open so badly. Hatred and anger turned to denial. Denial to pleading. Tears. Still the Door wouldn't heed.

Finally tears turned to acceptance. He stubbed out the cigarette. It wasn't that bad here after all. Slipping another cigarette into his mouth he flipped his whole life in his mind; like flipping through a large photo album. Everything seemed insignificant in the grand scheme of things. His mediocre schooling, his mediocre friends, his mediocre girlfriend and his mediocre job. He had done absolutely nothing that he ever wanted to do by the time he was as old as he was now. How old was he? He laughed at the notion. Everything seemed so pointless. He got up and went over to the Door and tried the knob. It opened.

He peered in.He saw his childhood self seated at a table, all alone. He could his childhood classmates passing comments about him. Freak. Weirdo. Alien. He blinked. Now he saw himself seated at The Ritz waiting, at a table for two, for the woman of his dreams. She never showed. He tried to look away but his eyes were transfixed at the new scene that unfolded before his eyes. His boss berating him in front of his co-workers. Their faces were somber, but their eyes told a different story. He stood there while his colleagues were laughing at him.

He closed the Door with a strength unknown to him. He walked back to the open embrace of the Tree and sat at its base once again. His life was a joke. He couldn't believe that a few hours ago( maybe a few days?) he would have given the world to get back. He was happy here. He felt the balmy sunlight seeping through the branches and lit up his cigarette. He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep; the cigarette still burning bright...
Time of death : 10.45pm. The young doctor looked at the comatose man and felt a twinge of pity. What a waste of life, he thought sadly. A car accident definitely wasn't the way he wanted to leave this earthly plane. He reached around to shroud the body in white sheets. He thought he saw a glimmer of a smile on the dead man's face. The young doctor dismissed this absurd notion. The late night shifts were playing tricks on him.


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R.I.P. :)

prateekmathur said...

wow...very nice is never is never right..!

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hey man,

this is the first piece of yours that I read. Pretty intense id say.
Im a fan already. ;) Cant wait to read more.