Friday, November 20, 2009

I Blame Inertia

We all get bogged down by the workload imposed by our slave driving overlords...uh, I mean our lovely professors and sometimes we sleep a bit too much when aren't supposed to or just feel like bunking one class to relive the freedom and who-gives-a-damn attitude of our undergrad days. But we need alibis and good ones at that. No more can we get away with juvenile excuses, our lecturers expect and we should provide ones of better quality and standards. We are masters students after all aren't we?( expect for those lucky doctorate classmates of mine, why you little....)

So without further ado I present to you a list of alibis worthy of our advanced scientific standing (and if you guys add to the list, they will be peer reviewed! Excuse the PJ and read on).

  • Couldn't get the day rolling. I blame inertia.
  • I got a head start but static friction had to rear its ugly head.
  • My caffeine levels were at an all time minima.
  • My circadian rhythm is still tuned to Indian Standard Time.
  • Daylight savings time already?
  • Had a late night argument if Krishna's blue skin was a symptom of cyanosis.
  • My hepatic cells had a rough time detoxing the ethyl alcohol.
  • Silicon based organisms from the 6th dimension paid me a visit at my domicile.
  • I'm having H1N1 symptoms...Uh, why are backing away slowly?
  • My canine ate my assessment and so I'm doing an experiment on the effects of cellulose on epithelial cells.The results should be out soon enough.

On a lighter note, I'm turning 22 tomorrow! Woot!


Avinash said...

Kirshna's blue skin a symptom of Cyanosis..?? Maybe.. But I m still sticking to my explanation. That he was secretly related to the smurfs.!

vigneshjvn said...

Quoting Shashank during the Vellore floods 2010, "water water everywhere, not a 'blub blub' drop 'blub' help! 'blub'."