Sunday, October 11, 2009

Green Eyes

Rebeca tilted her head back and caught the sunlight gleaming between the branches of the apple tree. As the wind blew through, the leaves shook and swayed in a hypnotic motion. Rebeca took her time and gently daubed at the beads of perspiration that lined her brow. Any boy would have attested even this simple gesture as extremely erotic. That was Rebeca's forte: her green eyes would stop any boy in his tracks, that indescribable beauty and the uncertain depth behind them would entice any member of the opposite sex. But that was another story altogether.

She saw the old Buick coming into the parking lot and a thin man stepping out of the car. Her father. She had always loved him dearly and he loved her back. Unlike her mother. As far as she could remember her mother had always fancied her elder sister,Erica. Erica wasn't the prettiest face at school, but her warm and charming personality rivaled the cold yet sexually charged demeanour of her younger sibling. Both parties had their supporters and detractors. She waved glumly and caught her father's attention. Picking up her gym clothes she walked across the stretch of the road to the Buick. She flipped her hair nonchalantly, inadvertently attracting the attention of a gangly looking youth. She winked at him and carried on as though nothing happened.Just another in a long line, she thought to herself as she got into the car.

She fastened the seat belt and was soon lost in her thoughts as the Buick sped along the highway.Things were never good at home. Her mother and sister were always plotting of ways to make her life miserable. If it wasn't for dad, she would have caved in years ago. And she was only 15.She had a bad day at school. Thomas, the resident idiot and bully, had taken her lunch money and yanked her beautiful black hair for good measure. She never was good at confrontation. Assuaging the beast seemed to fare no better either. Then came her biology class. Miss Marie, bless her soul, had taken great troubles to teach them despite her rheumatic pain. Mendelian genetics. Rebeca usually never paid attention, but something about this topic had her undivided attention.

Back in the car, Rebeca looked out the window, as the scenery rushed by and the wind gently caressed her locks. She recalled events that upto this moment,had been assumed a part of the suburban life and a nuclear family with two point four kids. The loud arguments Mom and Dad had in the kitchen that she witnessed without their knowledge, cuddling her Snuggles bear. Why Mom always picked up Erica from school leaving Dad to pick up Rebeca. The distance with her mother. The frequents fights over nothing leaving Rebeca in tears. The divorce that should have happened.

Mom had brown eyes, Erica; hazel. And her father, black. Mendelian genetics. She closed her eyes.Her brilliant emerald green eyes. She was the mistake, the inexplicable error that had split the household. Mendelian genetics.

Her father backed the Buick into the driveway.He caught Rebeca's piercing stare in the rearview mirror. The same eyes that tempted him so many years ago. Rebeca still had her seatbelt on. She wasn't very good at confrontation. But it had to be done. A lump in her throat and butterflies in her stomach.

"Dad. We need to talk...."


Vishoka said...


prateekmathur said...

so u get an idea of a blog from dr. mendel..! awesome!
btw great post..seems like the first chapter of the novel i am waiting for

Avi said...

so far so good.. is this some kinda combined work btwn vyaas and niks or? wateva it be, this is a good piece of work so far, so keep em coming.. nd how do i subscribe..??!! lol.. now instead of watchin serials now we can read em.. bt seriously this is really good.. 2 thumbs up..!!

Nikhil Rajagopalan said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Keep em coming.
@Vishoka:That's the beauty of it, use your imagination to think of what happens next!
@Mathur: Glad you liked it man.I was getting a bit depressed last night from the workload here..stress and depression seems to be the trigger for my writing. Lol!
@Avi:Yes, I am the co-author of Archaeopteryx87. Meaning that I can contribute as an author, but technically the blog belongs to Vyaas. The idea of co-authoring gives a fresh perspective to a blog that would otherwise reek of same old ideas from the author.All our posts are independent of each other. Just that I post more often than Vyaas. And you can subscribe via Google reader.

vinay said...

This was a very good piece nikhil. Im assuming the girl suspected she wasnt the biological daughter of her parents ??? Or just her mom I think. I could be wrong though..Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed it

Nikhil Rajagopalan said...

@vinay: I was aiming at the illegitimate daughter of her father's affair with a green eyed woman. Well, whatever works! :-)

vigneshjvn said...

Nice flow in the story, but could perhaps have been more elucidated linking more incidents. It's very appealing and I could relate a lot of things when I read through it the second time.
Her being attractive is also perhaps inherited from her biological mother, which might explain why her dad fell outside the wedlock in the first place. But if the dad was the one with a lose thingie, how did the kid wind up with him?
.. but like you said, imagination lets you interpret and build on the story several ways. Well written! :D

ranjana said...

loved the way you end it but not the start... it fits but i'd have liked a different start!

Nikhil Rajagopalan said...

@Ranjana:Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I wrote that up just to reinforce the fact she strongly looks and (probably) behaves like her biological mother. It's a short story by the way, so wanted to keep the post concise, trying to make each word count.

Rohit Mishra said...

Nice start. Hope you take the story ahead.

C. Suresh said...

Enjoyed it