Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Path of The Master

Dear Mom and Dad,

Lots of stuff happened, so I'll give you the gist of what was said today.

1.you to need to work hard. so hard that you'll kill yourself. no pun intended,
2.Plagiarism = Bad. Get caught and you get chucked from the Uni.
3.Lots and lots of background reading. Plenty of well spaced and timed assessments ranging from ppt presentations to literature reviews to essays with references and attributing.
4.Check the virtual learning environment daily for news, updates and email from the staff.If my laptop conks out, I don't care where you are and what you are doing, a direct debit of 450 GBP is required post haste.
5.Flunk once and they give you a chance. Flunk again and you're dead.
6.No bunking. Unless there is a family crisis( god forbid) or personal illness(forbid that too), bunking is severely frowned upon. None of that VIT's 75% attendance crap. 100 % all the way. Continued bunking will get you kicked out.
7.Time management is of the essence.Oh shit,look at the time!!
8.Make use of the student services for emotional needs. Chances of you having a breakdown from the stress or going insane from homesickness or both are imminent.
9.Work hard and be earnest in your work, you will be rewarded(in a philosophical sense). Give a man a fish everyday and he will be a B.Tech, teach him to fish and he will be a masters.
10.Enjoy your time at Leeds.(with the above 9 points, are you kidding me??)

Archaeopteryx87 is back on the scene,treading the path of the masters with fresher and mintier breath to boot!


prateekmathur said...

all points seems similar to my univ too man..and u have given me an awesome idea to re-start my blogging..dont worry..i ll cite u in references..!

vigneshjvn said...

Give a man a fish, he'd be a B.Tech,
Teach him how to fish, he'd be a Master's,
Let him alter his type of fishing, he becomes a doctor,
And when he's a post-doc, he becomes the fish. :D

Moving outside cloud number nine, a 100% all the way?! It sounds feasible if the quality of education is worth spending time on.

Sansris Jeevan said...

Agree with VIG.