Tuesday, September 8, 2009


He saw a thin beam of light. She saw the cracks in the shell. He saw his mother’s face. She christened him Eggbert the youngest. His brothers and sisters all cheered excitedly, their voices blending as one. His mother smiled at him; he could see it in her eyes. Soon after he felt Hypnos summoning him and at once fell into a deep slumber.
He awoke to find worms being pushed into his beak. Eat she commanded, for you must keep your strength. The world does take kindly to weaklings dear Eggbert, she adds warmly and Eggbert dares not to disobey. His brothers and sisters are already fed and looking content, wandering about the limited space of their nest that their mother worked so hard to build. Indeed a labor of love. Eggbert looks around and discovers a human reading a letter in his room. He swings his arms triumphantly and lets out a cry that is muted by the sheer distance between them. Good tidings, muses Eggbert and takes a peck at his worm.
Two months pass by.
His brothers and sisters have all left the nest and taken to the azure skies. Leaving their fears and tribulations behind and with nothing but the thermals to guide them, they had sought the freedom of the skies and left their mother behind. Only Eggbert the youngest remains in the nest. His mother could use the company he argues. His mother thinks otherwise. The lord of the skies has given us these wings for a reason young Eggbert, she patiently explains. It is for your own good that you leave this place and take to the sky as your siblings did.
But Eggbert points out that the humans tend to their own for years. He has seen many children old enough, but still at their parents’ side. Surely there must be a reason for that he says, but his point does not hit home.
One day, Eggbert sits perched at the edge of his nest and observes the once jubilant human youth, weeping. Around him are packed cases. His parents are crying. A distant journey seemed imminent. But his thoughts were cut short, as he stumbled forward and fell from his nest. Stumbled? No. He was pushed. By mother dearest.
He plummets at an alarming speed, his mind unable to form coherent thoughts. Why mother? Why? How can you do this to your youngest? The one who wanted to be at your side always? Pushing back tears, he finally understood. It wasn’t easy for his mother either to see him parting ways. The boy’s mother was weeping, as was her son. Eggbert and the boy were no different, both had wings but couldn’t use them. Eggbert swallowed his tears and atlast understood his mother’s wishes. She wanted him to be happy. He flapped as hard as he could and found a warm themal and instinctively rode it back towards the open skies. He looked at his mother who smiled back at him with teary eyes. A final glance at the weeping child.
‘Find your wings young child and fly!’ thought Eggbert the egret as he soared into the heavens.
Archaeopteryx87 will be on hiatus till yours truly gets settled down at Leeds. Or until Vyaas whips up a good post from sunny L.A
So stay tuned. Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!


prateekmathur said...

dude...next thing i wanna see from u is a book...name it transition..!!
i couldnt keep my promise to start a new blog from NJ but u keep blogging..
oh..!! btw about the post...its "awesomer" then the previous "Lost" series..!!
kudos n gud luck for Leeds..!!

vigneshjvn said...

Eggbert the egret! Hehe! Nice, I see you're all prepared to open your wings wide and fly in to the land of "I say"s and "Might I"s. Good luck!

P.S.: I wonder if a British accent would come into your upcoming posts.

Ashwin said...

nice one nikhil. have a nice time there. eggbert(?) :) i like.