Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let me count the ways

My fingertips are poised just above the keyboard. A ton of things that are on my mind that demands in an urgency that I cannot describe, to be detailed and divulged. And I speak for my friends and myself that the last two months have been nothing short of turbulent. Emotionally.

And being a member of the male species of Homo sapien, I am expected to put up a strong front for preserving the dignity of my brethren, "Be a Man", and keep my emotions in check. But some times even the guys need emotional jettisoning. So here goes.

Most of my friends are leaving to the states by this week or the next. I myself will be leaving to Leeds mid-September. And one of my best friends is leaving in a few days.

Vyaas. You've been one of my best friends since school. A real bro. Words cannot describe the great times I had at your place, scrunched into your bean bag couch and flipping through your Spider-Man comic books. The long walks from Focus back to your place, the awesome conversations we had on the water tank on the roof, the temporary obsession with Tony Hawk, nailing that ollie on your old skateboard, the mad study sessions with Arind for the Boards(or AIEEE?) at my place and your roof, your Linux lectures hoping to open the eyes of a Windows fanboy..

Take a breath. Next plunge.

The great times at Fruit Shop(Lime mint cooler detester), your infectious inspiration on physics, your Feynman fetish(O'please forgive me!!!), Vishwam's farewell party, your never ending collection of quirky Youtube vids, the Safely-eject-hardware Rule, the way you make people laugh and always get the joke, for telling me that I was funny, for giving me a spot on this blog, your passion for football(or politically correct: soccer) and your dark cynic to match your bright witticism.

Next plunge. Third time's the charm.

Our common laments about our educational system, the great mourning of MJ over lunch at your place, that Demonoid invite that expired before I could use it, British Council books all over the place, teaching me the physics that I never could grasp at Focus, for always lending an ear and giving me a "Heh Heh, Sure, Maan.." when I needed it, for introducing me to Google Docs and Reader(I'm an addict now thanks to you! :-x).

And finally I want to thank you for believing in me and inspiring me even when at times I lost faith in myself.

I propose a toast.(Raises a glass of imaginary beer)
To Vyaas, the boy who Lived.(above Hot Breads)
To all the great times we had. (Downs beverage quickly, refills.)
To your continued success wherever Life takes you. (Slurred, but still somewhat coherent)
To new friendships made and old ones preserved (Bartender warns me I've had enough)
To my bro. (Dancing on the table with the lamp shade on his head)
Cheers.(Fucking hammered).


Vyaas said...

A privilege. An honour. Cheers Nick. Keep in touch. And think about that podcast idea.

prateekmathur said...

nice to read this on the same blog that had a post named..I, robot..!! ;-)
good luck to ur friend vyas...