Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving On...

Ladies and Gentlemen, that concludes this section of our programming. Thank you for tuning in and good night….

I got my last set of rejections for my US applications all at once. Well, technically I still have one university’s reply pending, but if I dare take that course, I’ll have to return to my cardboard box home with butterflies flying out of my pocket by the time I’m done. Sure, I’ll be wealthy in the educational sense, but if you got no cash, well need I say more?

I would be lying if I said I’m not the least bit worried or upset at the rejections. Here I am sitting at my desk and checking my email and I get this mail with an attachment. I knew already, but I couldn’t be sure. So I download the 30 Kb attachment and open it.

My eyes scanned the document. I did not see the words “Congratulations” or “Pleased to inform”. Merde. Instead it contained the same generic message that I had memorized by experience from previous rejection letters and recountings from my friends.

Here is my rejection letter from Dartmouth, verbatim:

Thank you for your application to the MCB graduate program at Dartmouth College. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you admission to the MCB Graduate Program this year. We received many qualified applications to our graduate program and can only accept a limited number of new students.

Our decision was reached only with great difficulty after careful consideration of each application.

Thank you for your interest in the MCB Graduate Program. I wish you well in your future educational endeavors.”

But my parents figured that I must be completely shattered at this turn of events and that it’s advisable to pick up the pieces and get started all over. I agree with them completely although I might say that I’m not broken at all. I’m upset and a little angry, but certainly not shattered. Life always throws its little surprises at us and we must be ready to take up the challenge. The support I got from my friends on this issue is laudable. Within hours, I received mails from friends and posts on my Wall on Facebook encouraging me to submit some applications to the UK and Germany.

“This fight ain’t done buddy, and ya ain’t quitting yet!” they seemed to say.

But hey, this thing is far from over. As my buddy Tango says, “ It isn’t the end of the world.. If you got cash or brains, or by a great stroke of good fortune, you could stake a claim at any of the reputed universities in India. It’s just the way you look at things that matter in the end. Perspective, my friend, and the ability to take a bullet at point blank and get back up again is the formula for winning the game in this darned dog-eat-dog world. Chin up and never lose heart, brush yourself off and start again, for the phoenix always rises from its ashes, as you too will emerge from your short comings a better person than before”.

Wise words from a wise man.


Vijay said...

brilliant post!! actually i keep going through the same emotions as u did.Not that i applied to universities for ms but did go through those moments of frustration and fear-"Will I be able to have a good career" .Dont worry i am pretty positive that u will get a wonderful univ here and who knows if u get a good job here u can surely do ur phD later as well in a good univ abroad. u r smart. i am sure u will do well cheers!!-vijay

Vyaas said...


vigneshjvn said...

I still say "This fight ain’t done buddy, and ya ain’t quitting yet!"
Let's keep fighting! :D

prateekmathur said...

brilliant...i m speechless...this is the kind of stuff that can replace cigarettes when u r depressed!!
kudos buddy
keep up the good stuff

Vishwam said...

nickhil, you won't believe who it is, your old pal vishwam. Great article, thinking about Johnny brought back some good mememories, keep up the blog, i spent the last hour reading your other articles.