Friday, March 20, 2009

Two can play this game!

When VIT university shoves its pathetic excuse for a lecturer in our face, we can't help but put up with his crap. Marks, you see are very important for determining who we are and what we become in life. So, if I don't keep a lid on my frustration, I can't get that S grade in his subject and I end up a loser in life. If I were a smart Alec, I get a B grade, the GPA dips a bit and just my luck my 8.0 something dips into 7 point something. A tragic end to our erudite and overly cynical blogger.

Even the smallest provocation sends this guy into a full blown rage, the likes of which no one ever has ever witnessed. And when he gets mad, watch out for the verbal diarrhea!
One fine day, he goes and embarrasses himself in class, telling me

" You have Vibrated me!"

and shakes his hand like he's got a nervous twitch. What he means to say is that I had upset him and he wanted me to apologize. There was some laughter and much guffawing I assure you,but the best part was, he thought I was the one being mocked at by my peers. That's rich I tell you.

So I try to forget the incident (although people asked what he meant by vibrate..ha ha very funny...moving right along), though it wasn't easy. To be reprimanded by a respected assistant professor is one thing, but to be grated by a third class nobody lecturer, who is so hypocritical that he wants us to learn english when he can barely speak it himself? I bade my time looking for an opportunity to stick it to the man.

Revenge is a dish best served cold right?

So at the end of seventh semester, VIT tried to prove that it's India's finest institution by handing out lecturer evaluation sheets and asked the students to give " a candid evaluation" of the lecturer in question. Confidentiality was assured. I'm sure that they will use these sheets next semester to wrap the petriplates before autoclaving. But what the hell.. I poured out bitter acid on that sheet. Call me juvenille or immature.

Disclaimer: I don't hold anything against anyone who is poor in English.It's a difficult language and many of us have our fair share of troubles. It's just that when you can't put two sentences together like this guy here and start telling people to improve their english, I get a little mad.


Vyaas said...

YOu too?! I think there's a network of dedicated institutions that pumps these lovable characters out into the academic market year after year.

vigneshjvn said...

India is filled with them. :D And VIT has an amazing talent for recruiting them - I seriously don't know where they get these ones from.

And Nikhil, don't you talk about the confidentiality of that darned thing. The CRs were the ones made to do all the stupid, STUPID paperwork behind it. I don't think they take as much care to our exam answer sheets even. We had to put them in sealed envelopes (I haven't seen such great envelopes even in Balaji bookstore - I think they manufacture such stuff for these occasions). Maybe things will change when we become as old.