Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stupid Quizzes and the people who take them

When I'm not working in the lab on certain days, I take some time to catch up on my friends who are in different corners of the country (the rest of them are at VIT) on Facebook.
The company I work at has IE6 and despite my efforts to convince them of open-source software alternatives like Firefox, or if they are Microsoft fan boys, at least install IE7 if not IE8.
So Facebook, which recommends Firefox 3, is really slow on loading and has "loaded but with errors on page". The new Facebook format is not helping either. It has slowed down to a crawl and I can't access my home page. And glory o glory, when that rare moment arrives and my home page does heed my command and loads, it's filled with junk. The status messages are always a treat to read, but the quizzes are a serious pain in the rear end.

Nothing wrong in taking the occasional quiz I assure you. Sure, we all want some random Facebook application to reassert our conviction that we emulate Chandler Bing in terms of comedy or that our favourite sport is actually backgammon (oh horrors).
But there are some really retarded quizzes out there and I seriously wonder if people who take these quizzes are either stupid or that utterly jobless. Some choice examples of these "quizzes", which I'm sure give a beautiful insight into our lives are:

  • When are you going to die? : This quiz is like the bubonic plague on Facebook. Every third friend of mine has taken this and proudly display that they are going to depart from this earthly plane on . I'm sure that the reptilian brain that resides within our subconscious has always been obsessed with the concept of morbidity and pain, but this is taking it way too far! And here's the especially retarded part: People are ACTUALLY sending me invites to take this quiz. Some may allege that this is untrue, but I've got atleast 5 invites. I intend to kick the bucket when I'm damn well and ready and I don't intend to take a stupid "Quiz" to find out the due date and as a result sit in the corner of my room, muttering incoherently about life and death and reincarnations, biting at my nails.. Speaking of crazy..
  • How sane/insane are you?: Another beauty. This quiz can actually determine if you are sane or if you should be locked up tighter than a drum in the looney bin asylum, safely isolated for your sake and mine, from the rest of human society.

"The Result of Are you Sane is: Your sanity is questioned by the mere taking of this quiz. Your self esteem and self confidence must be at rock bottom if you actually doubt your own sanity and need to answer a set of questions (by some guy who can't spell to save his life) to make that judgement." I got three words for you people. See a shrink.

  • And this one takes the cake. Which Mythical creature are you? Hmmm.. Let me see. Which imaginary creature of lore personifies my character? And what kind of questions do they ask on this quiz I wonder? "Do you like blood?, Is your favourite author Bram Stoker? Do you fear wooden stakes, The Holy cross and command Legions of the Undead? Result: You are Dracula! Oh man! And I thought I was a Werewolf all these years!

So guys and gals, a humble request for you all. Take as many quizzes as you want. But choose not to post the results on your profile. Or visit your profile and delete the results of the quiz as they are probably for your own self satisfaction and not for public display. You don't want people opening up their home pages and discovering that "So-and-so took the Which Molecule are You?: and the Result is 2,3 dihydroxybenzene". And the honest truth is some people take more quizzes than others and I had to plough through an entire page of these damn results before I encountered even a single status update. I actually had to hide notifications from a friend of mine from college because of the aforementioned reason.

So I ask all the Facebook users to stop forwarding these quiz invites around. Its not helping the situation and its clogging up the homepage worse than hairball in a sink. Thanks again.


Vyaas said...

True. Zuckerberg thinks these quizzes will furnish enough consumer information to allure big brands into buying it. The minute something becomes commercial, it loses something, in this case, sanity!

I just hope there isn't a "which physicist are you?" quiz...I'll kill myself.

Anonymous said...

I got a kick out of your rant! It's so true, though. A friend of mine recently (2 weeks ago) joined Facebook and she's been taking quizzes ever since! Some of these things are time marked 3 a.m. for heaven's sake! Then, she comments the outcome of her quiz, as if anybody cares that she has the personality of Cinderella or the patience of Mother Theresa!!

Personally, I don't know what is so fascinating about the quizzes... If at the ripe old age of 45 you still need somebody to tell you what you are and how you roll then something is bad wrong!

vigneshjvn said...

Couldn't agree more - the new facebook is more user-unfriendly than before. But it's only a matter of time till people get used to it.
And I was cleaning up my application closet, when I realized I had 37 applications after I deleted a lot - then I just gave up.
But I also happened to realize that there're a LOT of privacy options in the facebook settings page. It's as confusing as the new interface is. LOL! But they let you choose what you want to see and what not - so look it up when you find a lot of time to waste.
And the post is wonderful! And to the anonymous dude on top: if you literally see what they say, it's stupid. But sometimes it's fun to use an application - to while away time and to laugh at - I enjoy some of those stupid ones.