Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm a Peter and I'm proud!!

Lets say that the tamil word Peter was in the Oxford dictionary... How do you think it could be described? Well, since I was called a Peter and maybe even now, I think I can give you people a rather vivid description.

Peter (Noun): A Tamilian who has apparently betrayed his proud Tamilian roots and has fraternized with the Enemy:English.

Here are a few things that non-Tamilians ought to know about Peters.

  • Peters aren't inclined towards Tamil films or songs. And the prospect of a tamil song in the mountains, with a horde of singers and dancers belting out a number while the hero serenades the bellybutton(Tamilians read toppai) of the heroine disgusts them to no end.

  • Peters have no thalai (Hero). We don't fall head over heals over any tamil Super-Star like Vijay or Ajit. Of course, Rajini-sir is everybody's thalai. If you say Rajini isn't your thalai, you lose your thalai( pardon the pun).

  • Peters have a good music collection comprising English and probably other foreign languages with the one occassional tamil song in every playlist. We do not know who the lyricist of that recent movie was or if the director of a tamil film is also directing its malayalam version. And don't even ask us about the lyrics of any of the songs.

  • We cannot sometimes appreciate the humour of Vadivel and his brood of comedians . Apparently ripping off his lungi is not reason enough to laugh.

So why are we so discrimated against? Is it a crime for us to watch Friends and Seinfeld and tune into Jay leno and listen to Metallica or LP? I feel that this mindset is quite bigoted and unfair to the rest of us.

At one point in my childhood, I was left out of many a lunch time conversations simply because I was a Peter. I even stooped to purchasing the soundtrack to 12B and Majnu so that I could sing along with the guys as we broke bread. But though the music was good, I simply couldn't force myself to keep repeating this ritual everytime a new movie came out. And in Kollywood, a new movie comes out every once in a while. So I ditched the idea and became content to listening to my english collection. It hurt everytime some Tamil comedian, especially Vivek kept going with the whole Peter routine.

So I request my fellow bloggers out there, to take it easy on us Peters.. We have a different taste in movies and music and it does not mean we are any less Tamilian than the rest of you. It's simply a preference. A choice. I believe that everybody must be given their right to appreciate what they like and not hold them up to harsh criticism. So if someone calls you a Peter, simply brush it off and be on your way.

I know I did.


Sonic Mayhem said...

peters rock man!!! \m/ \m/

vigneshjvn said...

Woah! One hell of a post! But hey, don't forget there's the semi-peter (like me of course) who listens to LP and Iron maiden, while daring to watch Simbu's movies. Everyone's what they are and everyone ought to respect that! And yes, I agree with Sonic Mayhem (a.k.a. Prateek), peter's do rock - the girls sure have a bent for them (at least helps break the language barrier). :P

Nikhil Rajagopalan said...

Prateek kole, meet Vignesh. He's one of the many best friends at VIT. Class rep to boot!
And Vignesh, meet my close friend Prateek from school, who absolutely rocks on the guitar!
thanks for the comments and yes, we peters and semi-peters do rock.

ashes2087 said...

i have just one definition for peters. ppl who are tam n speak a lot of english. thassaal. we're the new gen ppl. but there are some who are peters on the out n pettais on the inside. the best of two worlds.

Sonic Mayhem said...

nice to meet you Vignesh... You know i go to a coll where i'm probably the only one to speak in English, and yes i do get bugged a lot... but who cares man....