Saturday, January 31, 2009

India's Prohibition or Where's my Beer dammit?!

I thought covering the Mangalore Pub incident would be a lot wiser than doing a piece on Slumdog Millionaire. By the way, we are winning awards by portraying the sheer poverty of the world's greatest democratic nation. And people like to think Rahman's award like it's some sort of personal achievement.
Anyways, the recent attack on the Mangalore women caught my attention. In a simple action of outrageous behavior, it has sparked a nation wide indignation on one side and appreciation(in a weird sort of way) for the perpetrators. Everybody is clamoring to get their 15 minutes of fame. The opposition has "condemned" the act and spoken out against the vile and vilifying actions of the young radicals. Yes,Mr.BJP, we noticed you.. We'll keep your little remark in mind when we go to the polls..

But,this incident that should have flared up the women rights groups at worst, seems to have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. And hey presto, the term "Pub Culture" was christened. Instead of simply sending those extremist bastards (who attack women on the basis of "Culture") to the gallows or the electric chair, the government suddenly decides to cast the spotlight on the Pub scene. "Yes, Yes.. If women and men don't drink, there will fewer of these attacks from said individuals!! I amaze myself!"
Leave it to India to warp perspective. I swear, these politicians can turn crystal clear Evian water into muck, simply by staring at it.
So now, there are plans in the pipeline for a law that will curb drinking, the days on which liquor is served and the timings of these establishments. I discovered that Bangalore was the Pub Capital before it became the IT Capital of India. You mean to say that you are going to deny these fine youngsters a mug of fresh draught beer on a weekend, simply its against Indian culture? A mug of beer that has about 7% alcohol?

All right Mr.Culture Wannabe. I'll play your little game. Take cricket. Its not our game is it now? Its the legacy of our erstwhile colonial masters. And I'm sure there must have been some sort of riot or violence in the country because of the sport. Hey! why don't bring out a law that prohibits cricket or limits our access to it? I'm sure Sachin or yuvraj wouldn't be too happy with that. And while we are at it, why shouldn't women drink? Surely they are entitled to the alcohol that we guys take for granted. It clashes with the view of the Woman clad in white garb, with a lotus at her feet, ready to beckon her husband and to satisfy his whims and care for the children that she bore. Real cute. Apparently these attackers were asleep the last 50 years during the phenomenon of globalization. Apparently, they missed the skimpily clad women on the boulevards and didn't subscribe to Fashion Tv. It was the drinking that broke the camel's back. These people who subscribe to the self moral policing concept should be put behind bars. And the Government must have some quantum of sense before jumping the gun and twisting perspectives. They need a dosage of tolerance or atheism.

Man, all this typing is making me thirsty. Join me for a cold frosty one guys and Gals?


Vyaas said...

Religious nutballs squat in their nests,
Ordering youth to seize the scum
Don't they realize that they're the pests?
Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum!(M'Ladies!)

vigneshjvn said...

Put behind bars? They ought to be lynched! It seems there's no end to hypocrisy. Whatever happened to all those guys at the bar?! And the ones spectating - didn't they realize they could moral police this act of moral policing! Beat it: we're all criminals - no one rises to the occasion when needed.

vigneshjvn said...

Oh, and it seems someone's decided to fight the great Sri Ram Sena! Check out the pink chaddi campaign at
However, I do not know if this would prove out to be a greater waste of time and resource. As always, let's wait and watch.

Nikhil Rajagopalan said...

These women played right into the sena's hands! by sending pink undies, they are reinforcing the sena's view that the "loose, beer swigging, undie couriering" women of india need the intervention of the " big brothers" to curb their increasing promiscuity.
(slaps head wondering why the f$ck the women had to go and lose the sympathy vote like this..)