Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Moment of Truth

It was a poignant moment..
Standing at the DHL counter with my supplementary package all set to be delivered to the University of Chicago.
A final look through, to check if had got everything on the checklist.
Transcripts?Yes, I got an 8.4 CGPA as of the sixth semester, thanks for enquiring. Check.
Statement of purpose aka SOP (whose very being can make or break your application!)? Check.
Curriculum Vitae? (to prove without a shadow of a doubt that I have indeed passed high school and to reiterate that I did my Undergrad). Check.
Letters of Recommendation? (To show that I,as a lowly undergrad student can be validated to human status by the penmanship of a few wise men with more Ph.D's than days in a month).
Double Check.
Over three weeks of running around,which is pretty much of an understatement, being at the mercy of lecturers who I never gave a f#ck about anyways(likewise for them I'm sure), sweating over repeated draft edits of my SOP,worrying about my future, had boiled down to this moment.
I forked over the cash and received the tracking code. Maybe the day after tomorrow a pleasant chirping from my mobile would let me know that the package has been received. So one University down, many more to go.
The cycle repeats yet again.
Oh, how I detest Life.

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